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There is a myth that all dui charges are the same.  Each case rests upon individual facts and circumstances.  There is no standard defense to each case.  DUI CREW has trial attorneys who believe that it is incorrect to discuss plea bargaining and negotiating until all facts have been presented from all sides.  A thorough and complete review of the facts and evidence is essential to getting the ultimate results in your case.  A full on ready and prepared case for trial or charges being reduced in exchange for not going to trial.

With over 30 years of combined trial experience, San Diego DUI Crew Attorneys are committed to protecting and preserving our clients’ rights against DUI and other criminal charges. San Diego DUI Crew Attorneys have been successful in achieving these goals with courageous strategies and aggressive representation. Our attorneys understand that every DUI or criminal case is different and that each client deserves an attorney’s attention. We look to all the facts of the case and present effective defense strategies. We strive to give the best service and always with the client’s best interest in mind.

An attorney from our team can assist you in understanding your charges and rights under the law, exploring illegal police actions and determining which defenses apply to your case. San Diego DUI Crew Attorneys actively seek to improve their skills in court by attending DUI seminars and all major trial conferences especially the National College of DUI Defense at Harvard.


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