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Leaving the Scene of an Accident

Typically, after someone has left the scene of an accident, chances are they regret doing so. There are several reasons why someone might react in a way that is not their usual behavior. They may have been fearful of the consequences they would face. If they were impaired, the alcohol may have impaired their judgment, and they did not want to be convicted of a DUI on top of other accident related charges. If the accident was a very minor one, they may have not even known that an impact occurred. Regardless of any reason why they left the scene, all drivers have obligations they must follow that come with the privilege of having a driver’s license.

The San Diego attorneys at DUI Crew understand what it takes to defend your case. DUI Crew’s expertise allows us to spot the weaknesses in the prosecution’s case and know the hard questions to ask when defending you and your case.

Stopping at the Scene of an Accident

Under California state law, you must stop if you have been a participant in a car accident. If you have fled the scene, you are obligated to return right away, or you will be charged with hit and run. Once you have stopped, you must:

  • Find and exchange relevant information with the other driver (contact information, insurance information, registration, driver’s license etc.)
  • If you cannot find the driver of the other vehicle, you need to leave a note on the vehicle with your information
  • File a police report A.S.A.P.
  • If there are any injuries, call 911 and assist at the scene
  • If you failed to perform these actions, have been charged with leaving the scene of an accident, and were driving under the influence at the time, you may be looking at serious penalties. Contact an attorney for help.

Contact a San Diego DUI lawyer at DUI Crew immediately to advise you of your rights if you have been arrested for leaving the scene of an accident.


Do I need an attorney?

It is in your best interest to retain a San Diego DUI lawyer after being arrested. Don’t risk your freedom, license and having a criminal record, get help from an experienced attorney at DUI Crew.
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What are my options?

I was arrested for DUI, what can I do about it? After being arrested for DUI you may be unsure of what to do and what your options are. Our experienced attorneys will guide you through the process.
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We strive to be a one-stop source for your legal questions. Get answers to your questions about DUI, drunk driving, the DMV, court processes and much more on our FAQ’s page.
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Howard did an amazing job defending me in my under 21 years of age DUI case, which was a complex and difficult one. He took care of both my DMV hearing and court case in a very efficient and timely manner. I hired Howard because, (1) he listened and was genuinely concerned about my well being, (2) he was honest and did not make any promises about the potential outcome of my case, (3) he kept in touch and informed me each step of the way, (4) he treated me with respect, and (4) his fees were fair and reasonable. I highly recommend Howard to anyone who needs a DUI attorney.

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I was charged with a DUI hit and run with a BAC of .31. I hired Howard to represent me on this case and he was able to dismiss all charges. I recommended him to my friends, and I recommend him to anyone looking for an amazing lawyer. His staff is also very helpful and respectful.

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Howard represented me for my DUI case a couple months ago. My BAC level was .22 which is pretty high but he was able to reduce my charges in court to a wet reckless. I hope I don’t get another DUI but if I do, Howard would be my first call.

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