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Multiple DUI Offenses

When a person has prior DUI convictions and is charged with a subsequent DUI, that person is considered to be a multiple DUI offender in the state of California. Each additional DUI offense will result in harsher legal penalties for the offender. These penalties can include imprisonment, community service, monetary fines, DUI classes, probation, and license suspension. In the majority of multiple offense cases, maximum penalties are sought by prosecutors and enforced by judges.

Since the penalties associated with multiple DUIs become more severe with every subsequent DUI, it is very important that a multiple offender retain an experienced and knowledgeable DUI defense attorney in order to negotiate the best result possible.

Listed below are non-enhanced legal penalties for individuals with 2nd, 3rd, and 4th DUI offenses in California:

Second DUI Offense (Within 10 years)

  • Jail: 90 days to 1 year;
  • Fine: $390.00 to $1,000.00, with possible penalty assessments;
  • License Suspension: Up to 2 years;
  • Treatment Program: 18 months or 30 months in alcohol or drug treatment program;

Third DUI Offense (Within 10 years)

  • Jail: 120 days to 1 year;
  • Fine: $390.00 to $1,000.00, with possible penalty assessments;
  • License Suspension: Up to 3 years;
  • Treatment Program: 18 months or 30 months in alcohol or drug treatment program;

Fourth DUI Offense (Within 10 years)

  • Jail: 180 days to 16 months;
  • Fine: $390.00 to $1,000.00, with possible penalty assessments;
  • License Suspension: Up to 4 years;
  • Any punishment triggered by an unsuccessful Administrative Per Se (APS) hearing is separate from the consequences which stem from a criminal court conviction.

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I was arrested on my 3rd DUI within 10 years and this charge comes with ALOT of problems that I had to face. Howard being the knowledgeable attorney he is was able to reduce my charges and I spent NO TIME IN JAIL. This man knows the law and together with his knowledge and determination I can say that if you get any type of DUI you WANT THIS GUY WITH YOU IN COURT.

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I highly recommend Mr. Williams to anyone! He is very personable and is extremely educated with what he is doing. He handled my DMV case and got my charges in the court hearing reduced to a “Wet Reckless”. After talking to Howard I was more confident and less shameful with my case. Howard always returned my phone calls within 24 hours.

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Howard did an amazing job defending me in my under 21 years of age DUI case, which was a complex and difficult one. He took care of both my DMV hearing and court case in a very efficient and timely manner. I hired Howard because, (1) he listened and was genuinely concerned about my well being, (2) he was honest and did not make any promises about the potential outcome of my case, (3) he kept in touch and informed me each step of the way, (4) he treated me with respect, and (4) his fees were fair and reasonable. I highly recommend Howard to anyone who needs a DUI attorney.

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I was charged with a DUI hit and run with a BAC of .31. I hired Howard to represent me on this case and he was able to dismiss all charges. I recommended him to my friends, and I recommend him to anyone looking for an amazing lawyer. His staff is also very helpful and respectful.

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Howard represented me for my DUI case a couple months ago. My BAC level was .22 which is pretty high but he was able to reduce my charges in court to a wet reckless. I hope I don’t get another DUI but if I do, Howard would be my first call.

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